Let’s Get Physical: The Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy

Apr 30, 2019 7:37:54 AM / by Metro OBGYN Team posted in Pregnancy


At Metro OBGYN we are often asked whether exercising during pregnancy is safe, and the answer is yes!

Exercising during pregnancy offers numerous benefits for your health and the health of your baby.

Whether you’re currently pregnant or planning to add a little bundle of joy to your family soon, it’s important to understand the guidelines for exercising during pregnancy.

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What You Need to Know about Preeclampsia and Pregnancy

Apr 9, 2019 8:31:10 AM / by Metro OBGYN Team posted in Pregnancy, Health Services, Women's Issues


Preeclampsia is a medical condition that occurs during pregnancy, and it’s the most common pregnancy-related complication experienced by expecting mothers.

March of Dimes reports that, “[Preeclampsia] affects 2 to 8 percent of pregnancies worldwide” and that, “In the United States, [preeclampsia is] the cause of 15 percent (about 3 in 20) of premature births.”

It’s important for expectant mothers to attend prenatal appointments, because if left untreated, preeclampsia can have severe health effects on you and your baby.

To help protect your health and your baby’s health, learn about preeclampsia, what it is, the risks, the signs and symptoms, and the treatment options available.

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Understanding High Risk Pregnancy and What It Means for Your Baby

Mar 26, 2019 8:20:38 AM / by Metro OBGYN Team posted in Pregnancy, Health Services, Women's Issues


Pregnancy is typically a joyous time for you and your family. But that joy can quickly turn to anxiety if you’re diagnosed with a high-risk pregnancy.

Were you recently diagnosed with a high-risk pregnancy or know someone who was? You may have a lot of questions, such as:

  • “Will I and my baby be okay?”
  • “Will I need specialized care?”
  • “How can I maintain a healthy pregnancy when diagnosed as high risk?”

If you have questions or you’re curious to learn more about high-risk pregnancies, it’s important to understand the facts in order to keep you and your baby healthy before, during, and after delivery.

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Your Guide to Postpartum Depression

Feb 19, 2019 7:38:55 AM / by Metro OBGYN Team posted in Pregnancy, Health Services, Women's Issues


When thinking of a newborn baby, many people envision a picture-perfect image of a smiling, glowing mother side-by-side with her child. While countless women experience the joy and happiness that motherhood brings, nearly 80% will experience something called the “Baby Blues,” according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Unfortunately, 15% will experience something much more severe, called Postpartum Depression (PPD), which is an extreme variation of the baby blues.

Explore our guide to postpartum depression by learning the difference between PPD and the baby blues, signs and symptoms, causes, treatment options, risks and prevention, and when to see a provider.

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Reasons to Visit Urgent Care During Pregnancy

Feb 12, 2019 7:53:59 AM / by Metro OBGYN Team posted in Metro OBGYN News, Pregnancy, Health Services


Pregnancy brings a lot of joy and excitement for expecting mothers but can also mean an increase in health concerns for you and your baby. If you’re pregnant and dealing with a medical issue, do you go to an emergency room or an urgent care? While these two options will both work, it depends on the particular health issue. We’ll take a look at when it’s best to go to an urgent care for pregnancy services and when it’s best to go to an ER instead.

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